Opening Statement


It is our belief that participation in athletic activities, engaged in or involved with interscholastic competition, is a privilege and not an absolute right of Morrisonville Jr/Sr High School students.  Students who elect to represent the Morrisonville School District athletic program, and take part in competitive athletic activities must also accept the responsibility to conduct themselves in a manner that exemplifies the behavior of a law-abiding citizen of the community


THEREFORE, the following athletic code must be adhered to by all athletes of the Morrisonville School District and cooperative agreement student athletes who participate on Morrisonville School District teams from the opening day of I.H.S.A fall sports season practices and will remain in effect through the entire school year up to the official end of the I.H.S.A. spring sports seasons.  This athletic code covers all athletes during the above mentioned time period whether or not the athlete is currently participating in interscholastic activities.


These rules, approved by the Board of Education, have been set forth to guide students toward a better understanding of their responsibilities as representatives of the School District once they have made the decision to participate in interscholastic activities.


Statement of Affiliation


Morrisonville Unit School District #1 is a member of the Illinois High School Association (I.H.S.A.), the Illinois Elementary School Association (I.E.S.A.), the Morgan, Sangamon, Macoupin Conference (M.S.M) and must adhere to the Constitution and By-laws of these entities concerning student conduct, eligibility and participation.


Participation Requirements


1. The participants shall obtain written parental or guardian permission to participate in interscholastic activities, and have a signed copy of the Athletic Code on file in the  principal's office.

2. The student shall obtain a medical examination each year, a copy of which shall be on file in the principal's office.

3. The participant shall have proof of accident insurance coverage or a signed insurance waiver which will allow him or her to participate in interscholastic activities.

4. The participant must meet all requirements of the “No Pass/No Play” policy.


No Pass/No Play Policy


This policy is in effect for grades 9-12, all Middle school students will participate under the requirements of the IESA.  All extra-curricular activities will be placed in one of two categories: 1) Interscholastic (activities between schools) and 2) Intrascholastic (activities within the school)


Eligibility Requirements

Those students participating in extra-curricular and/or athletic activities must be passing 7 (seven) classes.  An “F” constitutes a failing grade.  Those students who do not meet the eligibility requirements will be suspended from participation until the next checking period.


Interscholastic activities will be checked weekly for eligibility with a week being Sunday through Saturday.

Intrascholastic activities will be check at inception and thereafter at each quarterly grading period

Code Violations


1.   Smoking, use or possession of tobacco products.

2.   Use or possession of alcoholic beverages.

3.   Use or possession of any illegal drug.

4.   Theft/possession of stolen property or serious and intentional destruction of any school property.

5.   Criminal or any other serious acts which are detrimental to the individual, the sponsor or coach, or the school.


Disciplinary Action

Any participant accused of committing one or more of the above infractions is subject to the following:


1. Review Hearing

A.  The principal will schedule a review hearing for the student.  The principal shall notify the parents/legal guardian of the participant in writing concerning the reported code violation.

B.  A committee composed of the principal and the four varsity head coaches, except the supervising  coach, shall hear all charges against the student and shall provide the participant his or her due process rights in accordance with the School Code of the State of Illinois.

C.  The proceedings shall be documented and records kept on file in the principal's office.  A certified letter shall be sent to the parents/legal guardian of the  participant stating the violation and the action taken in regards to the matter.


2. Actions To Be Taken

The actions listed below are minimum disciplinary actions required for athletic code violations.  Individual coaches may have more stringent rules, in the sport they coach, if the participants have been informed and a signature document from the participants is on file with the coach.  The actions listed below  may be reduced by half if the student found in violation participates in and completes a substance abuse program or performs an appropriate amount of community service.


A.  FIRST OFFENSE - The participant shall be suspended for at least one-half of the scheduled contests.  The suspension will begin immediately after the hearing is held and the participant is found guilty of the violation.  In  cases where the violation occurs out of the participant's season, the suspension  will occur at the beginning of the next sports season in which the student participates.  If the suspension occurs with less than one-half of the contests remaining, the remainder of the suspension will be served during the student's next sport or season.  A student suspended for the first offense may continue to practice with the team at the discretion of the Head Coach.

B.  SECOND OFFENSE - The Student will be suspended from all sports activities for one calendar year.  The suspension will begin on the day of the hearing at which it is determined that a second infraction has occurred.  The athlete will not be allowed to practice with any team during this time.

C.  THIRD OFFENSE - The student will be permanently suspended from all sports within the Morrisonville School District at either the Jr. or Sr. High levels for the duration of his/her time at either school.


South Fork Player Signature Page

This signature page must be completed and returned to the Jr/Sr High office by March 3rd.


Student Name __________________________________________ Date ___________


Extracurricular Code & Mohawk Baseball Agreement


I have read, understand and agree to abide by the procedures and guidelines set forth on the preceding pages of the Morrisonville Jr/Sr High Athletic Code & Baseball Rules.  I further understand that my signature indicates my/my child’s acceptance and willingness to abide by the athletic code if I/my child will be participating in Interscholastic Athletics.


Student Signature _______________________________________


Parent/Guardian Signature ________________________________




I understand that adequate health insurance is a necessary requirement to participate in Jr/Sr High sports.  Our family is covered by an insurance policy and as a result decline the group insurance made available by the district.  I, the parent or guardian of the student listed at the top of the page, assume all responsibility for medical treatment for accidents incurred as a result of interscholastic athletics at Morrisonville Jr/Sr High.  I have checked the box below if I will permit a member the school coaching staff to authorize emergency medical treatment if I am not present.


o  In the event of an emergency, I allow the coaching staff of Morrisonville Jr/Sr High to authorize treatment of injuries in the event I am not available to give that permission.


Parent/Guardian Signature _____________________________