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Dennis Daugherty enters his 4th season as the official Mohawk Baseball Statistician. Through his efforts the Mohawks have received tremendous local coverage in both Print and Television media. Our primary coverage comes via the Taylorville Breese Courier. Dennis phones Decatur (WAND) and Springfield (WICS) every evening following Mohawk Varsity contests. The State Journal Register and the Decatur Herald are also called the evening of each ballgame. Dennis then calls Ed Nelson, sports editor at the Breese Courier the following morning with game results and highlights. Through the combined efforts of Dennis and Ed the Mohawks receive outstanding coverage.

Dennis uses Turbo Stats baseball stats software which links with a Palm Pilot for game site data entry. He keeps both electronic and traditional paper scoring of all Mohawk varsity contests. Current Mohawk stats will be posted to the web site once per week. Past seasons stats posted on the web site reflect his diligence and commitment. He has not missed a game in the past two seasons. When you see Mohawk results, thank Dennis, his commitment to our student-athletes is the reason you can keep up with Mohawk results in any of our local news sources.

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