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Mohawk Wall Of Flamers

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Steve Rever 2007 Inductee
Lucas Durbin Class of 08
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Joe Bartlett Class of 08
Jake Elmore Class of 08
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Zach Rever "Wing King" Class of 09
Jake Elmore "Back To Back" Class of 09
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Matt Rever
"Wing King" Class of 2010

Robbie Connor
"Wing King" Class of 2010

Zach Rever "Back To Back" Class of 2010

It takes real courage and determination to face a plate of 16 "Wall" wings, no water, nothing else to eat and fire from the first wing to the last. There have been several who talked the talk, but couldn't deliver the goods. The Mohawk "Wall of Flamers," let their deeds speak for themselves.

Credit must be given to the courage of those who blazed the early trail, when there were real questions about whether any Mohawk could really beat the odds, tears and fire. So much credit has to go to our charter member of the "Wall," Steve Rever, and that is why the Rever shirt is still enshined on the walls of Wings, Etc to this day. However, it was indeed no small feat that against all odds, 3 Mohawks became Springfield's newest members of Wing Immortality in 2008.

The 2009 challenge brought our first repeat performer and another Mohawk continuing and expanding a family tradition. Jake Elmore dispelled any doubts about his persistence with a stellar return to the wings table. Zach Rever's mastery of the Wall was so complete, so dominant, that many believe he has what it takes to go for a three-peat.

Congrats to Mohawks who so honorably represented the true Mohawk spirit.


Wall Of Flame 2007

Wall Of Flame 2008

Wall Of Flame 2009

Wall Of Flame 2010

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