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Wall Of Flame....Class Of 2009

The Mohawk 2009 Wings Challenge faced some true challenges of its own, as the event had to be rescheduled 3 times. The first attempt, scheduled to follow the Plains Invitational was cancelled when the Mohawks had to hang out at LLCC until after 9:00 to complete their game with Auburn. The second date was scheduled to follow the Mohawks game with Lutheran, but this too became a casualty of the weather as the game was switched to Morrisonville. A hasty scheduling switch after the rainout of the final Lincolnwood game on Memorial Day allowed the Challenge to take place.

With two of last year's class of Wing Dominators returning, indications were that the Mohawks could have their first back-to-back Wall of Flamer. Neither Jake nor Lucas showed the true confidence most would expect from reigning champs, and real seeds of doubt had crept in by the time the Mohawk took off for Wings, Etc. There was real drama early on, as one of the outspoken challengers, Zach Rever, was nowhere to be found as the departure time rolled by. But fortune was smiling on the young lefty, when teamates spotted him at Caseys, and departure was delayed until he arrived. When Lucas Durbin professed a "prior commitment" excuse for not going for his second wall, and Jake was a no-show for the Wings Express, hopes for the repeat seemed completely dashed. But as many other times during the season, a comeback was in the cards, and the Elmore clan was waiting at the restuarant.

The approaches taken by Jake and Zach could not have been more completely different. Zach attached the wings quickly and with a certain panache, and likely set a new Mohawk record for both speed and napkins used. He left little doubt, and by consuming most of his wings while standing, has established a unique style and technique that will now be named "The Rever," and will likely be imitated by many who follow in his footsteps. His strong finish included licking the remaining Wall sauce from the basket. Jake's assault on Wings Immortality was, while never really in doubt, a more slow and unsteady stagger. Ever the gentleman, Jake was served first and attempted to wait until Zach received his basket...but this took so long he eventually grabbed a wing as a warm-up. He then slowly battled each wing taking nearly 30 minutes to finish the pile. Both endured some stinging taunts from fellow Mohawks, those timid souls who shrank from the challenge themselves, that encouraged them to take the easy route and succumb to the soft drink temptation...yet our heroes never allowed the temptation to lessen their determination. Congrats and a hearty well done Wings Class of 2009!

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