Mohawk Game Day Procedures



1.      Conduct yourself in a first-class manner at all times. You can have fun and be mature. You are representing the school, your team, and the community.


2.      Your Morrisonville uniform should be worn with pride.

      The uniform should be washed before each game. You may not be excused to go home during school time. Bring it with you to school for both home and away games. My mom didn't wash it won't work, take responsibility and get it done.

      Be in complete uniform when you step onto the field.

      Hats are to be worn at all times while on the field, and in the proper manner.

      All players must wear a belt and red baseball socks (white with a red stripe or also acceptable)

      Sleeves are optional according to the weather. When worn they must be red.


3.      Be at the field ready to play at the time given; not in the dugout, stands or parking lot.


4.      All vehicles must be left outside of the field gate unless they are carrying equipment.


5.      Run a complete lap around the field before you ever touch a baseball. Remember you "warm-up to throw, " not "throw to warm-up." It takes longer to get loose on cold days, so allow yourself more time.


6.      Play catch on the outfield grass, never on infield dirt. Always throw foul line toward center. If you are loose and we have extra time, play pepper, work on short hops, or work on quick-release, don't sit in the dugout and get cold.


7.      When we take infield run out together. Exude confidence and concentration. This is the time we set the stage for the game, so show your class. Appropriate attitude during infield will put the appropriate fear of God in them.


8.      Treat the umpires with respect.

      Morrisonville players will never under any circumstances argue with the umpire.

      Anything that is close enough to be called a third strike should be swung at, so as far as we are concerned the umpire never makes a mistake on this call.

      Umpires are not playing the contest and players are not going to umpire it!!!

      Be friendly with the umpires. We want them to be glad they worked our game, and it will benefit us in the long run. Remember... they're human, and without them there is no game.


9.      HUSTLE, HUSTLE, HUSTLE!!!!!!!!!

      Always sprint on and off field. We should have all our players off the field before the first player is on, and all our players on before their last player is off!

      Hustle to the plate when it is your turn to bat. Be ready and alert in the on-deck circle.

      Run to first on all base-on-balls.

      Sprint out every hit all the way through the bag, regardless of how it was hit.

      Run back to the dugout after you have been put out, especially after a strikeout. Come back through the diamond, not around the outside. If you hustle this will not slow down the game..

      Hustle when you fail. Demonstrate the courage to never let down.

      Be moving toward first after a strike-out until you are sure the catcher has caught the ball. Being tagged in the box is one of the ultimate embarrassments in baseball.

      Do not sit down on a base during time-out, & never sit while on the field.

      Always take hats and gloves to teammates who are left on base at the end of an inning.


10.  Never show any negative emotion after an out or a bad play. No Morrisonville player will ever throw a bat, helmet, or other piece of equipment. When a helmet or bat rattles on the dug-out floor it embarrasses the team, so be careful with the equipment, especially after you have failed.


11.  No swearing at any time!!!!


12.  The on-deck hitter should act as a coach on all plays at the plate, so stay alert,


13.  Absolutely no jewelry may be worn on the field, this can cost the team so take care of this before putting on the uniform. Helmets must be worn at all times while on the diamond, so never remove the helmet until you are in the dug-out.


14.  No conversation during the game with anyone but coaches and teammates. Your girlfriends and parents can hear about how great you are after the game. Please let your them know that they should not be in or around the dug-out at any time during a ballgame. All players are to remain in the dug-out during the game unless instructed to do otherwise. Stay away from the concession stand unless you are given permission to go there.


15.  Find a way to help the team if you are not in the game.

      Warm up pitchers.

      Warm up outfielders.

      Try to pick up the opposing team signals.

      Study the opposing pitcher's pick-off moves.

      Help keep equipment picked up.

      The fastest way to get into the ballgame is to show the coach you are trying to help the team, even when you are not playing.


16.  No bad-mouthing the opponents. Beat them with your bats and gloves, not your mouth. Let teams know we are great people as well as great athletes.


17.  Always encourage teammates during the game. No player will ever criticize another player at any time. Rememberbody language never whispers, it screams. This is especially true for the pitcher. Any demonstration or frustration aimed at another player can only belittle him and in fact hurt the team.


18.  Shake hands with the opponents after the game and be humble in victory.


19.  There will be a short team meeting following each game. Your team responsibilities are not finished until the meeting is concluded and the field and equipment have been attended to. Players, coaches and parents before have gone to great lengths to produce a field you can take great pride in, its in your hands nowdo your part, make a difference.


20.  Our definition of winning does not necessarily come from the score. If you are dedicated to giving your absolute all in every situation-then you are a winner. We should never be ashamed of the way we played or acted.