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Madison Game Pics Added!

The last of the 2008 pictures have been posted. The girls snapped more shots during the Madison regional game, the last home game for 6 Mohawk seniors. Click here to have a look! This note will be pulled in the next couple of days, but the link will be left through the summer in the story below.

Kessler Close Out Bats

Just received a close-out list on 2008 bats...very substantial discounts and a good selection. If you are in the market for a bat this summer, might be worth your while to check this link...it is a pdf with a listing of all the bats, including inventory with regular price and current sales price. Remember, this was posted May 29th...closeout selection will be limited as purchases are made. See Coach M if you see something of interest.

Close Out Bat List

Congrats To Athletic Awards Winners!

Congratulations to the 2008 Mohawks, great season! As promised I have links to several items from the banquet, including the Top 10 ballot and of course a link to the 2008 Mohawk Baseball Top 10. Apologies to the softball girls for the length of the presentation :-)

Mohawk Top 10 Ballot

Mohawk 2008 LineUp Card

Mohawk Top 10!!
Most browsers will have ability to run powerpoint/click here if it won't run on your computer

Pavilion To Be Moved To Memorial Field

The Village of Morrisonville has donated the old Legion Pavilion to the baseball team. As Kenton Deardorff constructs a new pavilion at the park, the old roof will make its way to the baseball field through the efforts of Larry Weitekamp. At least half of the pavilion will be used to house the large reel mower purchased from Lake Shore Golf course. Present plans call for covering part of the visitor seating area so that the first base side will have additional shade. Posts will be needed to support the roof. Some thought has been given to using telephone poles (does anyone have connections for us to get 8-10 20' long) or 6x6's. Location is still being considered, but a decision will have to be made within the week. Once it's there it won't be moving anytime soon, so if you have an opinion, express it now (far better than a complaint later!)

Please Respect Our Neighbours

Keeping our baseball neighbours happy is an ongoing process. Please help keep the "peace" by staying off the King property...observe the property line. We have every right to go after our foul balls, but we also have every responsibility to avoid any damage or unnecessary access. We have an earlier court decision that provides us "egress" for purposes of ball retrieval only. The baseball team has always taken responsibility for any damage to our neighbours (ie, broken windows at the Kings 10 years ago) and will continue to do so. I've explained our position to the Kings on several occasions regarding a fence along the property line and I'm sure this remains the source of contention. Let's improve the situation by staying entirely away from the line tonite.

PMRA Concession Stand Work Schedule!

Dates for our commitment to the PMRA concessions stand are listed below. Check the work schedules and let Coach M know if you cannot work. You better work on an incredible excuse before calling though!

Concession Stand Worker Schedule June 7th & 8th

Concession Stand Worker Schedule July 19th & 20th

Frog Jump Worker Schedule (Mville Picnic) July 24th

Pictures Posted To Mohawk Photo Site

Several pictures have been posted for recent games and the Wall of Flame. Most were taken by our scorekeeper/stats girls...won't vouch for quality, but there is quantity! Thanks to the girls for the pics.

Madison Regional Wall of Flame 08 Taylorville JV Game Lutheran Varsity Game


Three Mohawks gained wing immortality following the Lutheran game, their names and faces now grace the "Wall of Flame" at Wing, Etc. in Springfield. Following last year's stellar performance by Steve Rever, there had been plenty of talk...the questions was whether there would be any real action. Sr Joe Barlett (who claims to be a wings rookie), Jr Jake Elmore (whose talk didn't meet the walk in last year's wing challenge), and Fr Luke Durbin (the quickest to the finish), all managed to slog through the 16 firey hot wings. The 4th challenger, Fr Alex Deal (who had his own wing coaching staff), failed miserably after downing only two wings (statistician Katrina Lebeter then ate 3 of his wings to become the current female champ). Click HERE or on the picture to access the Mohawk Wall of Flame Page!

Mohawk Concession Workers ListConcession Stand Worker List 2008

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