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PMRA Concession Work This Weekend!!

The Mohawks and Tomahawks are scheduled to work the PMRA concession stand this weekend on Saturday and Sunday. We'll need full participation to make the weekend successful for both us and the PMRA. Sign-up is being done at school for the most part. A schedule is now posted for both the PMRA Concessions & Frog Jump. Players will work the same schedule for BOTH weekends. If you need to switch, find someone who is willing and make sure your shift is covered.

The Mohawk Countdown 2011 Is On!


Concessions Set New Record!!

Thanks to the organization of Becky O'Brien, and the work of our parents, the concession stand set a new record for profit. The stand netted $3,100 in profits over the course of the season. We were able to play additional games at home this year directly as a result of improvements to our diamond...these improvements were made possible entirely as a result of the work of you, as parents. The boys complete several fundraisers including the PMRA concession stand, the Frog Jump, State Fair Barn clean-up and the Game Day sales. These are important because they make sure the boys themselves are contributing and taking ownership of the baseball program, but it has been the concession stand that has created the facility that we can all take pride in. Thanks to Becky, to those who took on extra shifts and came to the rescue when we switched dates, and to all the parents who had to watch the game through the concession window between sales!

Final 2010 Stats Posted

Final stats for the 2010 season are now posted to our stats page (the one on the link bar above). Special thanks to Denny for keeping the MaxPreps site updated throughout the year. Updating the stats and making them available online was far easier utilizing the MaxPreps site, so that will likely continue to be the way we keep stats up during the season. The static web page accessed by the stats link will continue to be used, but will only occasionally be updated during the season.

Final $100 Game Day Drawing

Max Rush (of Sea Monkeys fame?!) was the winner of our final Game Day drawing, cashing in on $100, thus completing the promotion for the 2010 season. With 800 tickets sold, the GameDay Triple Play promotion continued to be a success. Special thanks to Larry Boston for adding more than 70 tickets sales to our tally. We'll need someone to step up if we are going to cover the 100 tickets sold by Matt Weitekamp (mostly Denise LeFever) for each of the past 3 seasons.

Baseball Pizza Party!!

An early season challenge to Kenny O'Brien from Mr Wells to reach a .300 season batting average was adjusted late season to include Andy Voorhees. Fortunately for the Mohawks, Andy was hot during the regional tournament and pushed in average well above the .310 mark (including his homerun vs Pawnee!). So even thought Kenny's two hits vs Nokomis were not enough to get him back to the .300 mark, Mr Wells is still springing for pizza for the entire Mohawks squad! Present plans would call for the party to occur following the Spring Sports Awards night this Monday.

Spring Sports Awards Monday!

The awards for this season will be presented on Monday evening at 6:30. This awards ceremony will include only Baseball and Softball and will of course include the Mohawk Top Ten...make sure and remind Coach M of any suggestions for the list!

Three Mohawks Scale Wall of Flame

The annual pilgrimage to Wings, Etc for the Mohawk assault on the Wall of Flame took place last Thursday. Four Mohawks took on the challenge, with three consuming all 16 "Wall" Wings and staking their claim to Wings Royalty. Brothers Zach & Matt Rever, along with Robbie Connor, took different routes but managed to conquer their plate of wings. Zach became only the second player to repeat and puts himself in a position to become the first Mohawk Three-Peater. He originally was set to tackle a double (32 wings) but those plans were scraped early in the event. He did take only 24 minutes to complete the task, which was by far the fastest time complete. Zach insists the wings were hotter this time around!?
Robbie, who gave serious consideration to folding after 3 wings, slugged his way through. Matt went the boneless route, which to most seemed the easier of the choices, no messy bones...just pop it in and chew, or at least that was the prevailing logic. However this choice doomed former wing king, Luke Durbin, who took a dive for milk after a mear 4 of his boneless variety, insisting that boneless were a tougher challenge. Matt undoubtably took the longest in Mohawk history to complete his task...over one hour, but to his credit seemed to gain momentum at the end. Girl friend, Alyssa Brown, congratulated him with a big kiss, becoming a somewhat willing participant in the Wall of Flame process (Nick had volunteered to do the same for Robbie, but Robbie politely declined the invite). Matt's acheivement makes him the third Rever brother to vanquish the Wall Wings...the jury is still out on whether younger brother Tim has any hope of adding a 4th (he did manage one wing...but it was ugly). Pictures have been posted to the Mohawk Facebook Fanpage. CLICK HERE!

Matt Weitekamp Hits A Triple

Matt Weitekamp's final stolen base of the regular season during the Lutheran game was significant on two counts. The steal, his 43rd of the season, set a new Mohawk single season record, surpassing the 42 compiled by Shaun Foster during the 1996 season. It also was the 100th of his career giving him 3 categories in which he has achieved the Mohawk Century Club, making him the 7th to reach the "Triple" status. Nate Schneider's complete game shutout was the first complete game shutout by a Mohawk pitcher in 3 seasons.

FFA Paints Short Fence

The FFA and 6th hour Landscaping class put the finishing touches on the short fence extension on the 1st Base sideline. Mr Justison and his crew hit the project hard after a request from Coach M. The FFA and Ag students originally drilled the holes for the fence posts, and completed the work on the visitors warm-up mound under the leadership of Kenny O'Brien.

Mohawk Baseball Google Map Now Available

It would be fair to say that the new Mohawk Baseball Google Map borders on the "geeky," but it's still worth a look. The page contains most of the game locations for the Mohawk and Tomahawk baseball games. It allows street and satellite views of each site along with a short description. Google Map directions are normally outstanding. However, the exact field locations are identified rather than street addresses, and this sometimes causes the directions to be wrong. The directions link in the link bar contains accurate driving directions to most game sites, but the Google Maps version is much more fun. I'm thinking I may have to try the suggested route to Nokomis some day just to sightsee. Link to Mohawk Google Map page.

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